Your first appointment begins with a brief consultation to tell me how you are feeling and what you hope your appointment will accomplish. We will discuss any problems you may have and I will ask some questions about your medical history. This information is kept on a secure server.

Your massage will be tailored at each visit to suit your personal needs.

I specialise in massage to treat problems people may have from posture, work, sports, stress, illness, injuries or just everyday life. I often work with people in pain from a variety of issues and can offer advice and support in addition to massage to make you more comfortable.

Massage is safe and helpful for most people, but some conditions require adapting the treatment. It is therefore possible that I will ask you to check with your doctor if massage is suitable for you, so please let me know when you book your appointment if you have any medical conditions.

You do not need to know anything about massage to plan your treatment. Most people want a combination of some relaxation and having some problem areas worked on, but each treatment will be tailored to you and I will mix and match techniques to suit. I will suggest a general plan for the massage and once we have agreed and I have answered any questions you might have, I will leave you to prepare.

Usually you will undress down to your underwear and lie on a comfortable massage table with a supporting head rest and arm rest. You will be covered throughout the treatment, to keep warm and protect your modesty. However you are not required to undress, and if you prefer to leave any amount of clothing on I can work with you that way, too.

During the massage, you will be encouraged to let me know how you are feeling and if there is any discomfort, but most of the time you will be relaxing quietly and with soothing music in the background (unless you choose otherwise). If there is anything at all you don’t like I can change it – there are so many different techniques and styles for me to chose from to make your experience the best possible.

Afterwards I will often be able to suggest specific exercises and stretches and home care advice if you would like.

You will be left to take your time dressing in private after your treatment.

At subsequent appointments you will let me know if there have been any changes since I saw you last and how you are feeling before we begin the massage. This may be different from the last treatment depending on what you want each time and your physical condition.

This is your massage and you should enjoy it!