At each appointment we will briefly discuss what you’d like from your massage, and I will then tailor the treatment to suit YOU. Many massage treatments combine a bit of work on tense or uncomfortable areas combined with relaxation.

I offer:

  • Relaxing Massage – Just as it says! Pressure is to your preference, from gentle to firmer deep tissue.
  • Remedial Massage – Treating a variety of problems with advanced massage and soft tissue techniques, which may include advising on exercises, home care, information about pain, or referring onto other professionals.
  • Sports Massage – Injury prevention and recovery, and maintenance for peak performance.

You don’t have to choose! Techniques will be ‘mixed and matched’ to suit you. Please see ‘What to Expect at Your Massage’ for more information.

Additional specialised massage treatments are also available (please indicate when booking)

Thermal Stone Massage
Also known as Hot Stone Massage, warm, smooth stones are massaged over your muscles causing them to release tension and inducing a deep state of relaxation. Sometimes people also enjoy having cold stones alternated and used very briefly to provide stimulation to the circulation and nervous system, but this is of course your choice. This treatment can be just for relaxation or be part of a remedial or sports treatment.

I also use my hands to massage after the muscles are warmed, and if you prefer a deep tissue treatment the warmth quickly prepares you for the deeper pressure. However as always the depth and pressure of the treatment is your choice.

You may have a full body treatment for 75 minutes, even more massage with 90 minutes, or just have your back or legs done for 45 minutes.

However please allow a little extra time for your appointment. People are often so relaxed they need a few minutes to ‘wake up’ before leaving.

Body Polish Massage

This luxury treatment is fantastically relaxing and leaves your skin glowing. Beginning with exfoliation and ending with a relaxing massage, the perfect way to unwind, and great for reviving dull skin.

First, an Exfoliation Scrub is gently applied while you lie on the massage table. The scrub is removed using warm cloths and your skin is buffed dry. Finally, a full Body Massage applies moisturising oil for your skin to soak up and also works out muscle tension.  You decide on deeper work for your muscles or a more gentle massage just to relax.

Choose from one and ¼ hour or have even more massage with a one and ½ hour treatment.
Please allow for an extra 20 minutes or so to relax and recover afterwards before you leave.
Shorter 45 minute appointments are available for just your legs or back

Indian Head Massage
This very relaxing treatment is done with you sitting up in a regular chair and I work over your clothing, so no disrobing is required. This is an ideal treatment to work out upper body tension and is convenient for you with the shorter treatment time and since you do not have to undress.

This treatment is 30 minutes, and the massage covers your upper back, arms, neck, shoulders, head and face. As always, the treatment is customized to you, and if you prefer, there can be a focus on any problem areas.

Oils are not used on your skin, but you may choose to have oils on your scalp to moisturise your skin and hair.

If you would like me to visit your office or home this treatment is ideal, and can take as little as 10 minutes per person up to 45 minutes for each treatment. Please contact me to discuss on-site visits. There is normally a 3 hour minimum, although some exceptions may be made.

Treatment Times
Treatment time can vary considerably depending upon your needs, anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Many workplaces find offering 15, 20 and/or 30 minute treatments effective and efficient.
Some employers allow employees to take time during the day for their appointments while others find it more useful for employees to visit during breaks, lunch, or before or after their work begins.
Please book here.