Soft Tissue Release

STR is an extremely effective technique for releasing muscle tension, lengthening shortened muscle tissue and stretching the fascia. It provides a localised stretch to specific area of the muscle that is holding tension as well as removing adhesions. This is one of the most useful and powerful techniques a massage therapist can have. This versatile technique can be used as part of any standard massage and because it can also be done over clothing it is ideal for on site, seated or sports massage as well.

You will practice the technique on different areas of the body, and particularly some specific releases for common problems such as rotator cuff restrictions and shortened hamstrings. You will learn how to use STR passively, actively and weight bearing, and with clients in different positions (couch, chair, standing). Special attention will be paid to treating piriformis syndrome which causes much of the sciatic pain clients often present with.

Good interaction between students and lots of practical help from tutor. I very much enjoyed the day and I learned a lot.

— Patricia Taylor, Swallowfield

During the day you will:

  • Briefly review some basic A&P and relate it to how STR works on the soft tissue
  • Discuss the applications of the treatment
  • Observe and then practice using the techniques, on oiled skin and over clothing
  • Understand how to confidently use the technique on all areas of the body
  • Give and receive massage and Soft Tissue Release and share findings and feedback with other students
  • Have ample opportunity for questions
  • Learn how to incorporate STR into your treatments

You will receive an interactive workbook which includes pictures and room for your notes, giving you an ongoing reference from the day. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

Many Associations accept this course for CPD and many are self-certifying. It is the responsibility of the Student to check with their Association. If necessary, the course syllabus can be provided.

You don’t need to bring any equipment or materials for the course as everything you need will be provided. (There may be some ‘away’ dates that require equipment, which you will be told about in advance.) The majority of the sessions are practical and you should dress accordingly.

This course is suitable for:
Anyone with a massage, sports massage or sport therapy qualification. Other manual therapy body workers may be appropriate – please enquire.

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