Massage Therapy

To book your massage treatment in Kingsclere, Book Here or you are welcome to contact me on 07881 812788 or via my contact form to arrange an appointment.

If you have any questions about massage, or if it may be helpful to you, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

I’ve been a client of Nicki for 7 or 8 years, and I have a massage with her most weeks. My weekly massages have played a crucial role in enabling me to continue with the sports that I love, despite having various injuries such as a broken collar bone (that has never healed) and a ripped Achilles’ tendon. Also, being a writer, I spend (too) many hours sat in front of a computer. Were it not for Nicki’s skill as a masseur, her breadth of experience, and her depth of knowledge, I think that between my injuries, and my work, it is extremely unlikely that I’d be able to do all that I do. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is brilliant!

— Daniela Oakwood, PhD, Headley

PRICES for all treatments are available here

And…. massage should NOT HURT! Not even a sports massage. It’s very old fashioned to think that a treatment needs to be painful to be effective.

Treat someone to a Massage!
Gift Vouchers Available

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Vouchers may be delivered by email, or in a gift box (handling charge of £2.50 to post direct to your recipient)

Covid and Massage

I am fully vaccinated and am very happy to be seeing clients and teaching again. I am performing lateral flow tests regularly to ensure I am not carrying the virus.
Due to the current Covid situation, I am continuing to follow safety precautions, including both of us wearing masks during your treatment and for now only working with vaccinated people, unless there you have a medical exemption. 

If you feel ill in any way prior to your appointment please contact me before attending. 

I hope we'll be able to relax some of these precautions soon but I don't feel the situation is stable enough yet.

Huge thanks to everyone for your help and understanding.