On-site Chair Massage is idea for work breaks and wellness, events and parties. Indian Head & Shoulder Massage can also be offered or more traditional massage using oils and lying down on a massage table. Please contact me for details or a quote.

Office Visits:
These can be regular or occasional. Regular visits can be weekly, monthly or otherwise to suit. You may begin by having a few trial visits to see how this can help your work environment.

Payment options are varied; sometimes employers pay the full cost, or subsidise the treatments partially, or the employee pays themselves with the employer offering space.
There are many options to consider and the best way to begin is by contacting me so we can discuss your needs.

Covid and Massage

I am fully vaccinated and am very happy to be seeing clients and teaching again. I am performing lateral flow tests regularly to ensure I am not carrying the virus.
Due to the current Covid situation, I am continuing to follow safety precautions, including both of us wearing masks during your treatment and for now only working with vaccinated people, unless there you have a medical exemption. 

If you feel ill in any way prior to your appointment please contact me before attending. 

I hope we'll be able to relax some of these precautions soon but I don't feel the situation is stable enough yet.

Huge thanks to everyone for your help and understanding.