Nicki Lee Dip. ITEC, IIST

I’m Nicki Lee. I am a Sports Therapist who has specialised in massage full time since 1999, and I have been teaching Advanced Massage courses since 2004.

People come to see me for many different reasons – aches and pains, symptoms of stress and anxiety, chronic pain and many health conditions, or even just because they like massage!

Helping people lead more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable lives is at the heart of what I do. This extensive client experience combined with continuing research and study makes my Advanced Massage courses and Mentoring Programme for therapists effective and up to date.

About Me

“Great tuition and demonstrations. I felt at ease about asking questions or for repeat demos. I enjoyed the personal tuition within a caring small group.” Pat Frampton, Farnham, on Deep Tissue Massage Techniques Workshop