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My first ever massage. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and was a little apprehensive but Nicki put me at ease very quickly. I came away feeling so might lighter, the knots have eased and felt very relaxed. Thank you so much Nicki

— Jo Cooke, Organiser, Newbury

Nicki is easily the best, most experienced massage therapist I have ever used. She has helped me with two sport injuries so far and her golden touch has been invaluable in my recovery. I loved the calm atmosphere of her therapy room and the heated massage bed was just heavenly! I appreciated her ability to measure her massage strength to my exact requirements – never too painful, or too light – just perfectly right. I would recommend her thoroughly for both relaxation and rehabilitation work.

— Cristina Licata, Photographer, Basingstoke

I initially went to see Nicki about some neck and shoulder pain I was suffering with and for the first time ever I came away from my appointments feeling better. Nicki makes a point of checking if the pressure she is applying is right for you and she doesn’t over do it. She offers advice on exercises to do after therapies which she demonstrates and gets you to have a go at before leaving. I can highly recommend Nicki as a massage therapist who is sensitive to your needs, very knowledgeable and always ready to explain what she is doing.

— Jill Thorpe, Dog Trainer, Andover

I’ve been a client of Nicki for 7 or 8 years, and I have a massage with her most weeks. My weekly massages have played a crucial role in enabling me to continue with the sports that I love, despite having various injuries such as a broken collar bone (that has never healed) and a ripped Achilles’ tendon. Also, being a writer, I spend (too) many hours sat in front of a computer. Were it not for Nicki’s skill as a masseur, her breadth of experience, and her depth of knowledge, I think that between my injuries, and my work, it is extremely unlikely that I’d be able to do all that I do. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is brilliant!

— Daniela Oakwood, PhD, Headley

As a therapist myself, it has been hard to find a great massage. So, when I realised I would be staying close to Nicki for a weekend, I couldn’t wait for my massage. It exceeded my expectations as I knew it would. Nicki is amazing at reading signals from the body she works on, always knowing the exact pressure to massage at. Her room is very relaxing with a heated bed in the winter, a very comforting sense during the massage. She is also a terrific tutor with a vast array of knowledge. I highly recommend getting a fabulous massage from Nicki.

— Jane Marie, Massage Therapist, Bracknell

Having a background in the health and fitness industry, I have seen many physiotherapists and sports therapists throughout the years until receiving treatment from Nicki, whose knowledge and technical skills stood out from the rest. I have now been seeing Nicki for many years, sometimes for muscular skeletal problems and others times just for relaxation and health maintenance. She is always very professional and puts maximum effort into each treatment. I highly recommend Nicki to anybody who is looking for this type of service.

— Vanessa, Newbury

I’m ridiculously picky. I’ve had some awful massages, some mediocre ones, and some brilliantly effective. None have come close to what Nicki provides. She’s knowledgeable, friendly, intuitive and skilled. I wouldn’t recommend any business unless I had had personal experience of the services offered and I’ve had many massages from Nicki, all of which have been that rare mix of effective and luxurious. 
My ageing body always feels so much better afterwards, and one day, when I win the lottery, I’d have her on retainer for a daily massage.

— Lynne Baker, Director Swissdermyl UK, Kingsclere

I had a wonderful massage with Nicki who also confirmed a minor issue with one of my muscles and was able to advise on how to improve it and prevent it getting worse. Nicki is well qualified and clearly knows her facts. Well worth the investment for the peace of mind, relaxation and self help tips.
I would recommend Nicki for golf injuries, and her gift token for a special Christmas treat.

— Debbie Miles, Regional Director, Athena Network, Bournemouth

Nicki is an amazing massage therapist. I always come away feeling blissful.

— Fran Lawton, Garden Designer, Newbury

I have been to Nicki in the past for my neck and this healed very quickly. Recently I have been having treatment on my knee and after a treatment it feels like heaven! Nicki is brilliant and really gets to the point where the pain is coming from and somehow she helps you to work through the pain as she gently massages the area. Nicki has a very positive approach with her treatments. I would highly recommend Nicki.

— Vanessa Martin, Piano Teacher, Kingsclere

I had a fantastic massage by Nicki, her excellent knowledge, experience and calm nature all add to making it enjoyable and effective! Would totally recommend Nicki.

— Sally Murray, Travel Counselor, Newbury

I first came to Nicki Lee eight years ago with a history of sciatica and back related problems. Since becoming a regular client my symptoms have disappeared. I now consider Nicki’s treatments vital to fitness and good health and not just a self-indulgence (though it is lovely to feel those muscles unwinding!). I would not hesitate to recommend Nicki Lee to anyone considering massage therapy. She is simply brilliant.

— Birgit Mayled, Consultant, Thatcham

I have been a regular client of Nicki Lee for more than 10 years and her massage has become an important part of my life. I do a lot of exercise of different kinds but Nicki is extremely reactive to the state of my body and muscles, and is able to vary what she does so that it always benefits me. Sometimes I have a hot stones massage instead of the usual sports massage. This is really relaxing and has a different feel to it, although Nicki also tailors this to my particular needs. I always book the next massage date before I leave Elysium and go home to a wonderful restful evening.

— Sue, Local Government Official, Thatcham

Having dealt with some complex muscular issues in the last ten years I’ve had a number of massage therapists, and I can say without equivocation that Nicki is simply the best. Between her knowledge and her intuitive skill, she often identifies a problem even before I have, and she knows just how to address and alleviate it. With Nicki, the massage experience itself is excellent, but it’s the long-term benefit that I appreciate the most.

— Betsy Young, Marketing Director