Deep Tissue Techniques

Safety is the keynote of this workshop!  Techniques which are safe and effective for both you and your clients. We explore different working postures and using your arms, elbows, table height and body weight to reduce the strain on your wrist and finger joints to and increase your working life and reduce injuries. Useful for any amount of pressure you choose to work with.

Deep Tissue work is not simply a matter of pressing harder. You will learn how to work both deeply and effectively for your client without causing unnecessary pain, damage or contra-actions. You will gain the confidence to work deeply and know when it is safe to do so, and you will learn when less pressure can actually be more effective. You will also practice repositioning clients for the most effective treatment.

A major focus is safety for you, the therapist. I will help you to assess your own working posture and personal risk factors and demonstrate how to avoid injuries by using your body effectively and safely. We will use some hands free techniques, and you will explore different working postures and using your arms, elbows, table height and body weight to reduce the strain on your wrist and finger joints.

This workshop is 2 days, with time in-between given to practice the techniques learned on day one so your work may be checked, refined and expanded upon during day two.
On this course you will:

  • Observe and analyse working posture, with attention to your own personal risk factors and requirements
  • Discover and implement the key principles to remember when working deeply
  • Observe and practice using your forearms, elbows and reinforced hands, fingers and thumbs for safe working
  • Gain knowledge of the ’10 second rule’ and how this protects your client
  • Determine and practice repositioning the clients for the most effective treatment
  • Discuss and review contraindications and cautions

You will receive an interactive workbook which includes pictures and room for your notes, giving you an ongoing reference from the day. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

Many Associations accept this course for CPD and many are self-certifying. It is the responsibility of the Student to check with their Association. If necessary, the course syllabus can be provided.

You don’t need to bring any equipment or materials for the course as everything you need will be provided. (There may be some ‘away’ dates that require equipment, which you will be told about in advance.) The majority of the sessions are practical and you should dress accordingly.

I’ve had really good feedback from people and everyone had said that my massage feels much better with the techniques that you taught me.

— Holly Watson, Southend Bradfield

This course is suitable for:
Anyone with a massage, sports massage or sport therapy qualification. Other manual therapy body workers may be appropriate – please enquire.

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